Road Safety Charter: updated

Road Safety Charter

November 2016
Dear Parents / Guardians,
Road Safety on our journeys to and from school is always a concern for us in Carysfort N.S. especially with increased pupil numbers.  In   cooperation with Dun Laoghaire Rathdown and our Community Guard a School Road Safety Charter was agreed last year. We ask you to read and abide by this charter again this year.
This charter calls on all those bringing students to school by car

  1. Do not park across local residents driveways
  2. Do not park directly outside the school entrance (stop & drop)
  3. Do not use school entrance as a turning point for vehicles
  4. Keep the area around traffic lights and crossing patrols clear
  5. Keep cars off footpaths and double yellow lines
  6. Watch out for cyclists around the school
  7. Park and Stride – park safely away from the school and walk the last part of their journey


This charter calls on all those bringing students to school on foot or wheels to:

  1. Be aware of other road and footpath users
  2. Cross only where it is safe to do so and follow the instructions of the lollipop ladies
  3. Enter the school by the pedestrian entrance only
  4. Dismount from your scooter when you reach the school gate  and walk the remainder
  5. All adults and children dismount from bicycles at the school gates
  6. Do not walk, cycle or scoot through the school car park
  7. Pedestrians try to keep moving, to maintain a steady flow of traffic or move to the side to prevent a hold up

The area around our school is a very busy place especially in the mornings and at home time. The Board of Management of Carysfort N.S. and the Parents Association would like to ask all parents and carers to park responsibly and legally to reduce the risk of accidents to children.
Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Fionnghuala de Barra
Chairperson, BOM


Norma Linehan


Suzanne Duggan & Marion Fenton
Co-chairpersons , Parents’ Association

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