STEM Workshop: Big Dreams – Open Minds

STEM Workshop

Big Dreams – Open Minds

The Bank of America Merrill Lynch STEM workshop was an extremely fun and exciting experience. I enjoyed every second of it and it made me think about how important science, technology, engineering and maths really are to our world. I will now begin to lay out exactly what we did in this wonderful place.

First of all the kind, cheerful staff introduced themselves and the many things we could do in Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Next we got a slip saying what our ‘jobs’ were and what subjects we had to study in college for them. Of course these jobs were imaginary and it was more just seeing what, if we chose these jobs, we would study in college. Afterwards we played with the wondrous (and cheap) Raspberry Pi. We attached it to the computer and used it for coding which, if I do say so myself, was crazy fun! We turned on and off LED lights with different sizes, frequencies and colours. Afterwards we learned some Morse code and, using their high-tech Skype-like screen to communicate and guess what the other half of the class was trying to say to us.

Later on we had food (which was delicious by the way, compliments to the chef) consisting of curly fries and chicken nuggets, yum! The staff asked us to write some short feedback notes which were all positive and it was great craic. Then we had to leave. By the time I got on the bus, I was already missing this amazing place.

Thank you, Bank of America Merrill Lynch for letting us Carysfort kids with open minds and big dreams attend your incredible workshop.



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