Principal’s Newsletter 30th September 2019

30th September 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The safety of our students while attending Carysfort N.S. is always our priority so I wish to draw to your attention to our school rules and regulations and the importance of adhering to our child protection and GDPR guidelines. Please share the contents of this email with minders who are dropping or collecting your child from school.

Your child will bring home a form tomorrow which requires your signature confirming you have read the contents of this email.

Our Insurance Company has requested that the following information is brought to your attention. “The school opens to receive pupils at 8.50 a.m. No responsibility is accepted for pupils arriving before that time (except on wet mornings). Classes will end at 2.30 p.m. (1.30 p.m. for Infants). The designated person should be at the school no later than 1.30pm for Junior and Senior Infants and 2.30p.m.for (1st-6th class students) as the school cannot accept responsibility for the care of the pupils after that time.”

On wet mornings the ramp door to the hall and the two doors closest to the Avoca pedestrian entrance will open at 8.30 a.m. The school staff have very kindly volunteered to supervise the students in the hall until class begins at 8.50a.m.

In the morning the school doors are closed once the children have been collected from the school grounds and should never be reopened from the inside by a parent or minder. Late arrivals should always enter and exit the school by the main gate footpath and front door. The pedestrian gate to Avoca Ave. will be closed promptly once class starts. No adult or child should ever walk or cycle through the school carpark at drop-off or pick-up times.

To ensure that everyone is adhering to the school child protection guidelines the adult who is responsible for picking up your child at 1.30pm or 2.30pm should only enter the school grounds a few minutes before the collection time and should vacate the school grounds promptly with your child. This is to ensure that the safety of the older students who are out on the school grounds at this time is never compromised and that they have access to the all-weather playground and front yard for 1.30pm and for their afterschool sport activities at 2.30pm

The school accepts no responsibility for siblings on the school grounds, so it is imperative that younger siblings are supervised by parents or minders at all times.

While we welcome dogs to the school grounds, they must always be on a lead and in the care of an adult. Dogs are not allowed on the all-weather playground for obvious health reasons and dog litter is never to be disposed of in the school  large green paper recycling bins.

Should you have reason to enter the school building during the school day always call to Tara in the office first before proceeding to a classroom and please be patient if you have to wait a short time after pressing the buzzer to gain access to the building.

A very important aspect of our duty of care to the children is accurate recording of their school attendance which is submitted to the Educational Welfare Services.

The roll is called by the teachers each morning at 9.30a.m and recorded electronically. If you know your child will be late to school or absent on a particular day, please inform the class teacher in advance by written note or email noting the reason for absence. If your child is absent due to illness, please send a written note to the class teacher when your child returns to school. If absent for more than two days due to illness or other unexpected family reasons, please email Tara and she will inform the class teacher.

Under GDPR guidelines we cannot ask parents to sign a general consent form for their child to participate in school events, trips or for having their photo taken. Therefore, for this school year we will email you requesting permission for your child to participate in a specific school event or activity and we ask that you respond only if you do not wish your child to participate. We will give you a few days’ notice of an event but there will undoubtedly be the odd exception. The subject of the event email will be marked ‘consent request’ so please be vigilant in opening these emails.

Note also under GDPR guidelines if you take photos of your child’s classmates at school events (eg Halloween Dress Up Day) these photos can never be shared on a group What’s App or posted on any form of social media without the prior permission of each individual parent.

Finally, please remember to sign the form every child will bring home tomorrow confirming that you have read this very important email and that you have shared the contents with those responsible for dropping or collecting your child from school.

Many thanks for your continued support and cooperation with all of the above. Do not hesitate to speak to your child’s class teacher or contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns.

Wishing you and your child a very happy year ahead!

Le gach dea mhéin,

Norma Linehan


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