Sky Dome visits Carysfort by Rachel

On the 26th January, our class went to visit the ‘Sky Dome’. A man, named Olly, gave us an unforgettable presentation. The dome, which was set up in our hall, was big, round and inflatable. When we were all inside, on the walls of the dome, there was a picture of the Sun rising. Olly showed us the exact position of the Sun at that very time. Then, he fast-forwarded the time and we could see the Sun rising in the east and setting in the west.

It was then night time in the dome and we were looking at the stars. Olly pointed out the North Star, Venus and Mars. He then zoomed in on Mars and we saw a bright, red planet. He zoomed out and we saw the whole solar system. He told us that it takes Mercury 88 days to orbit the Sun and that a day on Venus is longer than a year! After that, Olly zoomed in on the Sun. It is so much bigger than any of the other planets. On the Sun, we could see sunspots and fire! Next, we went back to the stars and Olly showed us some of the constellations. One of them was Orion’s Belt, which is part of the bigger constellation of Orion.

He finished the presentation with the rising Sun and let us out of the dome. It was an amazing experience. I hope we do it again someday!

By Rachel

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