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Green Schools poster competition

We are currently working for our Global Citizenship Litter and Waste Flag. This theme helps the children understand...   Read More

Science! Technology! Engineering! Maths! (STEM) workshop

As part of our Science Week, 5th class girls attended a STEM workshop in Bank of America Merrill...   Read More

Daffodil Stall for Charity

It is a family tradition of mine (Rachael) to do a Daffodil Day stall every year. My great-uncle...   Read More

Internet Safety Advice for Parents is a website containing Information, advice and free education resources addressing a range of internet safety issues...   Read More

50 Great Reads: book for all ages

Click on the images below to open a PDF containing suggestions for books by childrens’ ages:

The Sam Maguire Cup is visiting

We have today been informed that The Sam Maguire Cup, recently won by the Dublin team in the...   Read More

☘ Focloir for ‘díolachán cístí (cake sale)

Parents, Here are some words and phrases that the children will be learning and using for the ‘díolachán...   Read More

Carysfort Clips 2018

Every year we (the students) produce a students magazine where they detail our experiences from the past the...   Read More

Good Luck Beatrice & Maria in the Beabras Final!

18th April 2018 Dear Parents, As part of Tech Week 2018, some Carysfort NS students participated in the...   Read More


What is RUDECC?  its a problem solving strategy!                    ...   Read More

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