What happens when my child is sick?

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In the event of a child being absent through illness or any other reason, the class teacher should be informed by note on the pupil’s return to school.  If it is anticipated that the absence will be of a lengthy duration, please email the School Secretary and she will inform the class teacher.

When it is necessary for a pupil to leave school early e.g. to attend an appointment, a note must be sent to the class teacher.

Requests to remain indoors at break times should only be made in exceptional circumstances (limbs in plaster, recovering from or awaiting surgery).

Minor accidents are treated at school and parents are informed at the end of the school day.  In the event of a more serious accident or child becoming ill, every possible effort will be made to contact the pupil’s parents or guardian.

It is imperative that the school has the most up to date home, work and mobile numbers of parents.  Please also notify the school of any changes to address or contact details.

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